Collection: Top Selling Teas

If you’re having difficulty deciding which brew is best for you, explore our range of top-selling teas. Each blend is naturopath designed with native and non-native ingredients to celebrate the potent healing properties of plants and offer natural remedies to a wide range of health concerns. 

Native Detox Tea (formerly known as Roogenic Super Detox Tea), is our best-selling tea for gut health and detoxification, designed with native Australian plants that gently support gut health, effortlessly help you to naturally elevate gut balance, and naturally detoxify your body to reclaim the best version of yourself.

Our Anti-Inflammation Tea has helped hundreds of Australians live their lives more comfortably by naturally alleviating inflammation and reducing pain that’s caused by arthritis, headaches, joint pain and back pain. 

With over 2000+ five star reviews, it’s no surprise that both of our potent sleep teas are part of our top-selling blends. Our Native Relaxation Tea has won first place at the Golden Leaf Tea Awards for functionality, so we designed our Native Sleep Tea to hold the same potent medicinal properties, but with a bold berry flavour. 

Designed to naturally reduce stress, improve mood, keep skin looking healthy, our Women's Vitality Tea is an antioxidant-rich, fruity blend containing a combination of native and non-native plants so that you can feel like a goddess every day. 

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