Collection: Indigenous Artwork Cups & Bottles

Explore our collection of Indigenous artwork designed fine china mugs, stainless steel water bottles and ceramic coasters. Each product is designed by Indigenous Artist Kathleen Buzzacott and features stunning artwork including Aboriginal Desert Waterholes, Aboriginal Emus Sunset, Aboriginal Kangaroo Sunset, Aboriginal Desert Frog and Aboriginal Perentie. A portion of each sale goes to Kathleen Buzzacott when you purchase from our range of Indigenous Mugs, Water Bottles & Coasters. 

Kathleen Buzzacot’s Aboriginal Mugs

Explore our stunning collection of Indigenous Artwork Storytelling Mugs designed by Kathleen Buzzacott. The Emus Of Finniss Springs Dreamtime Stories Mug depicts the Emu, a sacred bird for Indigenous people in a gorgeous red design. Kathleen Buzzacott’s Kangaroo Sunset Dreamtime Stories Mug displays Kangaroos at sunset when they’ve on the move with a gorgeous red, yellow and brown design. Lastly, the Desert Waterholes Dreamtime Stories Mug is a stunning design featuring the waterholes of Finniss Springs and is a combination of cool-toned colours such as purple and blue. All of the mugs in our collection are designed with Fine Bone China, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe, hold 290ml, and a portion of each sale goes directly to the artist. 

Kathleen Buzzacot’s Aboriginal Water Bottles

Sip in style with our collection of Indigenous Artwork Water Bottles which feature artwork from Kathleen Buzzacott. The Aboriginal Desert Frog Stainless Steel Water Bottle features artwork of dry creeks and rivers that are filled with life after rain with a colourful and uplighting design, while the Aboriginal Perentie Stainless Steel Water Bottle tells the story of the desert people of Central Australia hunting Perentie for food and has a stunning array of colours including blue, yellow, black, white, orange and red. Both of these Stainless Steel Water Bottles are double walled and insulated with a leak proof lid, nontoxic and BPA-free water bottles, 500ml capacity, and keep liquid cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. A portion of each sale goes to the artist.  

Kathleen Buzzacot’s Aboriginal Coasters

A stylish addition to your coffee table, these Aboriginal ceramic coasters are designed by Kathleen Buzzacott and feature some of her most popular designs. The Emus of Finniss Springs Ceramic Coaster celebrate the Emu, a sacred bird for Aboriginal people in a gorgeous red design. The Aboriginal Desert Waterholes Ceramic Coaster depicts the waterholes of Finniss Springs with a stunning blue design, while the Aboriginal Kangaroo Sunset Coaster boasts a stunning red colour palette, featuring Kangaroos at sunset when they’re on the move. Each ceramic coaster comes with a cork base to ensure no damage happens to your furniture and a portion of each sale goes to the artist.

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