Collection: New Teas

New naturopath-formulated tea blends

Nourish your body and treat your tastebuds to our newest range of delicious, naturopath-formulated tea blends. Our new tea blends celebrate the potent properties of medicinal Australian bushfoods, carefully combined with traditional herbal medicines to create tasty tea blends targeted toward your top health concerns. 

What are the best new tea flavours?

Explore our latest floral flavours, herbal heroes and mouth-watering fruity favourites, designed with the highest-quality ingredients, and sustainably sourced from small farmers and Indigenous growers. 

Our new tea gift packs and bundles

Brew better blends with our stylish range of new tea accessories, tea bundles, and tea gift boxes that have exciting new colours and designs, inspired by the newest herbal tea releases and limited-edition tea tonics. 

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