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Native Peach (Super Booster) Iced Tea


Our Roogenic Native Peach incorporates the best Australian ingredients to immediately transport you to the white sand beaches of Australia with its gorgeous peachy flavour.

Formulated with Quandongs (Native Australian Peaches), a Native Australian Bushfood traditionally used by Indigenous Australians as a nutritious food source to nourish the body.

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  • The Native Peach Iced Tea is formulated with Native Quandongs (Australian peach), this iced tea contains ingredients that have traditionally been used as a valuable nutritional source for Indigenous Australians.

    The unique Australian Iced Tea has a peachy flavour and a slight sweetness, making it the perfect drink for you when you are looking to give your body a nutritional boost or anytime you crave a refreshing drink to give you a lift.

    With every sip, you will be able to experience the unique flavours and health benefits of Native Australian Plants.

  • Brewed Tea 84.2% (Filtered Water, Quandong, Lemon Myrtle & Mint), Raw Sugar, Reconstituted Peach Juice (3.6%), Lemon Juice, Honey, Natural Flavour, Acidity Regulator (330).

    1. Quandongs contain twice the amount Vitamin C of oranges
    2. Contains antioxidants
    3. Energising

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